January 30, 2019

Do You Need a Movers Packing Service? Find Out Now!

Stack of moving boxes and items on top of them

Are you trying to pack your house, and you are feeling completely overwhelmed!? For the best moving company in town, this is just another day on the job. But for someone who is unfamiliar with the process, this can feel like the most painstaking event in your life. Don’t be discouraged, just consider hiring packing services Nashville to help you. That way, you will save your time and nerves. But, most importantly, you will make sure to provide the best possible protection to your belongings while moving. Hiring packing professionals will make your life easier and your relocation much less stressful.

Hiring packing professionals or doing it on your own?

Before we go over our movers packing service strategy for your belongings, let’s discuss the actual box. Not all cardboard is created equal. Have you chosen the AMC Gremlin instead of the Cadillac Fleetwood of cardboard? Then you might want to be extra cautious on how much weight is inside the box. No matter the quality of the cardboard, however, make sure to adequately tape and secure the box. If you have decided to pack on your own, you should find some quality moving boxes in Nashville. But, if you decide to go with hiring moving professional, you won’t have to worry about boxes. It is a concern of movers packing service. And not only boxes. Packing professionals will take care of all the packing materials:

  • packing paper,
  • bubble wrap,
  • mirror boxes,
  • packing blankets,
  • packing peanuts.

The best thing is that professional packing service knows just how much of the packing material you need. While you don’t have enough experience, so you could make a mistake. And end up with more packing materials than you could possibly need.

Where to start?

First, choose one room to start in. Professionals like Move On’s Nashville moving company typically tackle the more difficult rooms first, like the kitchen or dining room. Delicate items require more care, so doing this first will ensure the end of your packing goes smoothly. Unfortunately, many people don’t think about that at the beginning of packing by themselves. The last thing you want is to pack for hours and then be left with an enormous undertaking with china and crystal. Hiring packing professionals will save you the trouble of that.
Next, you want to think about the items you are packing. Obviously, if it is a delicate item, you want to wrap each individually with paper. Paper is cheaper than replacing an item, and packing service knows that. If in question, they will always use more paper. The trick is to wad up several sheets of paper (movers packing service tip: newsprint packing paper is best) and line the bottom of the box to add a nice cushion for the items to rest on.
If you are packing on your own, as you are wrapping items and loading them into the box, place heavier items in the box first. For example, you never want to put champagne flutes or wine glasses on the bottom of the box unless the box is solely being packed with this type of item. When individually wrapping plates, pictures, or anything that may be thin and fragile, professionals will make sure to tell you that these are packed in the box vertically (side by side/standing upright).

Do movers packing service packs everything separately out of your furniture?

Here’s a good tip: don’t worry about unloading all of your dressers and chests. Do you have a drawer full of non-breakables and have one or two breakable items? Then it is ok to wrap just those items and leave them in the drawer. As long as they are secured and will not crash around when the furniture is being moved. Hiring packing professionals will also make you not forget the one more important thing. To evaluate the legs on the furniture. If the piece has long, fragile legs, you may want to unload the items inside to reduce the weight and stress on the legs. And you are unlikely to think of this and other little things on your own. But those details will make or break your relocation. And movers packing service knows that.
In certain instances, an item can have all the care in the world taken to protect it. You can pad wrap it, carry it properly, secure it on the truck in an appropriate location. And still, incur damage from being transported. Lastly, what if the piece is massive? Well, it may be a better idea to lighten the load so it can be maneuvered easier.

What about specific items?

Standing floor lamps can be tricky to move. Often times, when you transport them on your own, you avoid the packing because you find it complicated. And, unfortunately, that is when damages happen. On the other hand, if you decide on hiring packing professionals, they’ll know exactly what to do with it. They will prepare a box, place paper in the bottom, and place the lamp inside the box. Also, they won’t be afraid to use more packing materials and pillows, towels, bed sheets. Or anything else that can pad and keep the lamps safely in the box. Professionals know how to make one big box of two small ones properly. That will certainly make a safer transport to your lamp. Even if it’s only moving locally. Movers packing service won’t spare packing materials to keep your stuff safe.
Now that we have the bulk of your house packed up, we need to focus on all of that beautiful artwork. You have invested a lot of money on it, but also a lot of time and energy to find what you like. Hiring packing professionals will save you the worry about any piece that is valuable or you want to take extra care with. They always recommend getting mirror boxes. Of course, they carefully pad the piece with large paper pads before proceeding to load the item inside the box. And, the most important thing is they will handle fragile stuff with extreme care. On the other hand, if people decide to pack on their own, they may not have this kind of information, like movers packing service have. Unfortunately, that can lead to damages on priceless items.


Some companies insist on using the movers packing service in order for you to get insurance on your belongings. Especially if there are some special, valuable items that you want to move. Or you consider hiring long distance movers for your upstate relocation. It is only natural that companies don’t want to be responsible for damages if you packed your stuff on your own.
Of course, you want the best for your belongings. But, perhaps you lack the experience in packing. And even if you decide to still do it on your own, consider providing insurance from the third party. Because you want to make sure that your stuff will be safe. And if not, to at least get proper compensation if something happens. Well, hiring packing professionals will certainly save you the trouble of finding third-party insurance if you use their packing service. And that could even be good for your budget.

What not to forget?

Labeling boxes is extremely beneficial. If you are a DIY type of person, make sure to always write what is in the box. Also, what room it goes to. Of course, if there is a need, add labels such as “Fragile”, “This End Up”, “Do Not Heavy Stack”. But, hiring packing professionals can make that part of packing much better, too. Movers packing service use many different sorts of labeling the boxes. They have stickers and tapes in colors, that will make unloading much easier. Only by looking at the box, everyone will be able to see where it goes, without reading. Whereas, if you are packing on your own, you probably don’t have enough time for this. And colored labels can be very helpful if there is a lot of people unloading the truck.

After making it through this extraordinary knowledge filled strategic movers packing service guide, I would consider you almost a packing expert. If this still feels like too much for you to worry about, you can always let the experts handle your packing and moving needs. The right moving company will make sure everything goes smoothly. That way, you will be giving your belongings a chance to not get damaged in the process of moving. But, there is one more important thing. You need to find Verified Movers because you need someone who you can trust for the job. By hiring packing professionals, you will actually buy a time to do something maybe more important than packing. Also, the movers packing service will bring you peace of mind, which we all know is priceless these days.


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