February 5, 2019

Buying a house in Springfield – pros and cons


Moving to a new home and especially buying it is a really big thing to do. Sometimes making impulsive decisions like selling your current home and moving away is just what your life needs, but more often than not, that is something that you should think about carefully. If you are thinking about a long distance move to the northern area of Tennesee, one of the best places to move to is without any doubt, Springfield. Now, buying a house in Springfield and moving here can be a good idea, but thinking it through is really important before you act on it.
As is the case with all things, Springfield also has upsides and downsides. It is a small town in northern Tennessee’s Robertson County, whose seat it is. According to data from 2010, there are around 16,000 people living here. It is also rather deep in the continental US, just north of Nashville. If you do decide to move here from, for instance, Nashville, you should hire some quality Nashville movers to help you out with the move. However, before you decide on buying a house in Springfield, we have prepared a list of pros and cons to help you decide whether you really want that.

Buying a house in Springfield – Pros

When thinking about Springfield and small towns like it, there are a lot of things to think about. Sometimes things that are for one person upsides, for the other one they may be downsides. In life, perspective is one of the most important things when making a decision, whether a small or a big one. If you are thinking about coming here and you are married or in another form of relationship, you need to make sure that you and your partner are on the same page with all this.

It is small and secluded

When people think about living in Springfield, Tennesee, they think about living in a small, secluded place and they are correct. One of the most important things about Springfield is its size. Having around 16,000 residents, it is really small and everybody knows each other. If you are a person that likes to take things slowly and casually, then buying a house in Springfield is a good idea. In small towns such as this one, the atmosphere is always the same. Everyone knows pretty much everyone else and after a time, if you so will you. That is if you choose to do so. People in places like this also like their privacy so you can rest assured that they will honor yours too.

The educational system is great for such a small town

If you are moving here with a family and you have young kids, then you will surely be interested in the school system. This town has one of the highest percentages of schools per capita in the United States. There are Springfield High School, Springfield Middle School, Krisle Elementary School, Cheatham Park Elementary School, Westside Elementary School, Bransford Elementary School, Crestview Elementary School, and South Haven Christian School. This number of schools in relation to Springfield’s number of residents means that there are fewer students in a class, which means that teachers can distribute their attention more easily.

Nature here is also wonderful

Life here is not just peaceful and quite because it is a small place. For people of Springfield, nature is very important and, luckily, easily approachable. You and your children will be able to lead much healthier lives here. There are several areas within town’s limits that are perfect for going on picnics or hikes: American Legion Field, Garner Street Park, J. Travis Price Park, Martin Luther King Jr. Park and Springfield Greenway. Your kids and grandkids will always have a place to go over the school breaks. Also, children who grow up in places like this, are far less likely to develop allergies than those raised in bigger cities.
Buying a house in Springfield is worth it because of nature

Buying a house in Springfield – Cons

Distance from bigger cities

One of the obvious downsides of living in Springfield is the fact that it is away from bigger cities. Nashville, the capital of Tennesse is the biggest city in the state and though it is not that far away (some 30 miles), you still have to plan going there if you are in need of something. Healthcare system in Springfield is alright all things considered. Knowing that you will have to go to Nashville for any sort of a procedure that is not basic may be what convinces you not to look for Springfield movers.

Lack of options for pretty much everything

All of us, in most situations, like to have as many options as possible. If you want to go and buy yourself a computer, having the option of going to a couple of stores and picking the best one is much better than having to go to one store and chose one of the several computers there. As your kids grow up you will probably want them to train something. The difference between a small town and a bigger city is in the lack and abundance of options respectively. For instance, in a smaller place such as Springfield, your kids can train a couple of basic sports. This is not necessarily a bad thing, but what if your daughter falls in love with fencing for instance? You won’t find that in Springfield.
girls working out

The price of buying a house in Springfield

When thinking about buying the house, knowing what to expect when it comes to prices is rather important, right? Well, here we go. Since 2015, according to data gathered by real estate market statistics department, the average price of a house was $159,324. Now, this all depends on what type of house you want to buy, but that is the average. It is a bit expensive for a small town like Springfield, but it may be worth it. Investing in a home is never a bad idea. At least, once you are sure that you want to move to the said home. When it comes to renting places here, the situation is actually quite good, as the average rent here in the same time period has been going around $820.


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