April 16, 2019

5 Ways to stage your home for free

staging your home for free

Real estate business is where the money is. You are probably well aware of that since you are reading this article. There are many ways to sell a house for a better price. One of the best ones is the renovation. By doing a full renovation you will give the house a new look, and a fresh breath of air. However, endeavors such as this can be quite costly. So, you want to make the house appeal more to your buyers but you do not have the budget to do a full renovation. The next best thing is to learn how to properly stage your home. By staging your home, the buyers will see something that was not able to be seen beforehand. Even though this can also be expensive, we will list some ways to stage your home for free! Let’s dive in!

What is staging?

As we have already mentioned, staging your home can make the appeal of the house you want to sell much higher. Staging is when you arrange the furniture and decorate your home in a way that will make your customers want the house more. It is when you give a house the feeling of a home. Making it look like a place they would want to live in. In order to do this properly, you will need some tips. This article will cover 5 ways to stage your home for free, or for a small amount of money.

how to stage your home for free - kitchen
Easy ways to stage your home for free!

1. Cleaning your home thoroughly

This costs absolutely nothing if you take away the costs of detergents and other cleaning products. Which amounts to nothing in the whole grand scheme of things. You need to clean every surface in the house thoroughly and this includes the floor, the walls, furniture, and even the ceiling. After that, dive in deeper and clean every nook and cranny in order to get a squeaky clean house.

A great example of the importance of cleanliness are hotels. Hotels are always very warm and inviting and they make you want to stay there longer. This is because they are cleaned every day and they pay a lot of attention to this. It may seem minor to you now, but if you take a picture before you do a complete home cleaning process, and after, you will be astonished by the difference. It really is amazing how different can you make your home look just by taking the extra step and effort to clean it thoroughly. One of the best ways to stage your home for free. Give it a go!

2. Removing unnecessary clutter

When you remove all the clutter it will make your house look a lot more orderly. Nobody likes to see a house filled with unnecessary items. These items may have some use or personal value for you and may seem that they tie the room together, but to people who are unaware of the item’s significance, it may seem like clutter. You have to depersonalize your home. By doing this you will give the buyers an idea of how would it seem for them to be living in the house. If, however, you find you need assistance with moving furniture, we can help!

Therefore, make sure to decide which items are clutter and which are not. When you make your decision, remove those items and successfully declutter the house. It will also draw the attention of your buyers from the important things. And one important thing. Do not put those things in closets. Buyers love inspecting closets to see how they can fit their clothes there, and they certainly would not like to see something that does not belong in it.

If you have some items that you do not want to throw away, your Franklin movers will be glad to move them to your house. Their years of knowledge and expertise will certainly help in relocating your items, whichever type they are.

3. Consider reorganizing the furniture

The furniture is a big part of what draws customers in. Your furniture needs to be high quality, but also to fit in the room perfectly. Consider which styles do your rooms have and see if the furniture matches that. Look around the house and maybe take the chairs from one room and put it in another if it fits better there. It is important to create good color matching, and contrast so that the house does not look plain.

When you have good contrast in colors in your room it will make that furniture stand out more and maybe take the eyes of your customers away from that ugly painting you have hanging on the wall. Oh yeah! That is another thing you need to take care of. Remove some wall decorations if they do not fit the room. If you think that it would go well in another room, give it a try. You can’t know if you do not try.

4. Adding plant life and other natural features

This is really something that can give the house a “home feeling”. Take some plants that are native to your region and put them inside your rooms. Do not overdo it though. Too much plant life inside a house can be distracting, but also unhealthy. Plants release carbon dioxide during the night and it is not recommended to have a plant inside or near the room that you want to designate as the bedroom. Other than that, add some twigs or some other type of decoration made of dry plants.

Plant life can really make the house feel more alive

If you have a handmade decoration that you want to move to your Goodlettsville estate, movers Goodlettsville will be more than happy to help you. If you live in a hot tropical climate, consider adding some seashells, sea sponges and other types of decoration.

5. Improving the smell of the house

An important thing is to give the house a nice smell. Baking cookies, brewing coffee, or burning cinnamon sticks can really make the house smell extraordinary and make the buyers want to buy the house even more. This is of course after you remove all the unpleasant smells such as mildew, and the smell coming from your sinks. A great way to remove that smell is by grinding lemon in your garbage disposal.

These tips should help you stage your home for free. We hope that this advice will help you and we wish you good luck in your real estate endeavors!


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