October 15, 2018

Who should you notify when moving home?

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So, you’re moving your home? That’s great! Move On – Nashville Movers is sure you’ll be satisfied with some much-needed change. But as you’ll soon see, relocating to a new address means doing a lot of grunt work. Also, we don’t just mean packing up your stuff – there are a lot of chores you may not have thought about. And they’re all important – this is stuff you really don’t want to forget if you want a successful relocation. That’s precisely what we want to help you with! Which is why we’ve prepared a nifty little moving checklist of everyone you’ll want to notify when moving home!

Getting your mail in order

Okay, let’s start off with the most obvious one – the post office. Yeah – if you want to receive all of your mail on time and avoid any annoying mixups: do this as soon as possible. The post also does something very useful if you notify them on time; they forward all mail that someone sends to your old address to the new one during the following year! So we recommend you get this sorted out a week before your relocation at most. Luckily, it’s not complicated at all – you can even do it online.

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The IRS is definitely someone to notify when moving home

Speaking of government – the post office isn’t the only federal institution with an interest in your address. If you want your taxes to be in order, then you shouldn’t leave the IRS off your list of who to notify when moving home. This will be important for your tax deductions later – and those will come in handy considering your moving costs. But just like the post office, the IRS also has an online platform for this type of thing. So you just go to their website, fill out a simple form, and you’re good to go! But the IRS isn’t the only tax agency either. You’ve still got your state tax agency to think about. Most of them also have websites with online applications or in the very least detailed instruction.

Giving a call to the utility companies

If you want to make a smooth transition to your new home, there are a lot of utility companies to notify when moving home. You definitely want to do this thoroughly, because forgetting any of them will mean an even bigger mess and chore down the line – especially if you’re doing a long-distance relocation.

Electric and gas companies

Once you know what your new address is, and once you figure out when exactly your moving – call up the electric company and the gas company! If you’re wondering who to notify when moving house – these utility companies should be at the top of your list. Also, you want to time this transfer just right. Why? Because if you don’t, you risk not having electricity in crucial moments for your moving to Tennessee. We recommend arranging for the power to be shut off at your old house just as you move out the last of your stuff. And on the other side, arrange for the services to start at your new home the evening before you’ve moved in. This way, you won’t be fumbling with boxes in the dark – and your new home will be heated and comfy!

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Other utilities

Imagine the barren wasteland that is a home without an Internet connection! Do you really want to experience this for even one day? Of course not! That’s why your internet, phone, and cable providers have to know that you’re moving as soon as possible. So call them up, and let them know where they can send your bills from now on. And naturally, where to install a new internet connection.

There are also other utility companies to notify, even though they may seem less important. There’s the garbage company, and possibly the water company and sewage treatment company. Of course, this is provided that you live in a house. If you’re moving to an apartment, you probably won’t be managing all of these.

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Your company

If you’ve got a job, then your employer is one of the people to notify when moving home. First of all, that’s a monumental decision your company may want to know about – especially if it affects your work. And we know what you’re thinking – most people’s paychecks get put into their bank accounts directly these days. Although that may be the case, there’s still other important stuff to think about – like tax forms! You want to make sure these end up at the right address.

Tell your loan providers about the relocation

Yeah, we’d all like to run away from our debts – but at the end of the day, that’s just not possible. If you’ve got any student loans, make sure the loan providers know that you’ve moved to a new address. And also, this is something your credit card company will want to know as well – so notify them on time! Lastly, make sure to call up someone at your bank and give them the heads up too.

Other people and institutions to ring up

As you can see, the list of the numbers to call and notify when moving just keeps getting bigger – it’s basically endless! But lastly, there are a few other people who will want to know about your relocation to a new home:

  • Your friends and family – Obviously, your family members and your closest friends should definitely know that you’re moving, and where – communication is key. So tell them on time – they’ll probably want to be included in the process, and they can also help you out.
  • Insurance companies – Have you got any health insurance, or insurance on your car, for example? Basically, if you’ve got an insurance company, they definitely need to know about your new address.
  • Your subscriptions – All of us have a bunch of magazines we get in the mail or other subscriptions tied to your address. So make sure all of these arrive at your new place without a hitch!


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