December 27, 2018

How to pack kid’s room?

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Moving can be a tough ordeal for the whole family. Changing your location and beginning a new life in another city is not an easy task to do. This is especially relevant for children. Children rarely accept change well and will want to hold on to things they know well. They will have a hard time adapting to the new home. They will also have a hard time adapting to the moving process. This is why you need to know how to make the move easier on your kids. Creating a stress-free environment will aid you in this process a lot. Hiring a good packing service company with a good estimate is also a must. If you want a precise moving estimate, you can get yours by visiting Move On – Nashville Movers! In this article, we will talk about how to pack kid’s room and how to make the process easier for your children.

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Preparing your kids for the move

The first thing you need to do is to encourage your kids to have a moving mindset. This will help with your kids adapting to the move. You need to calmly explain what is going to happen during the next few weeks, and try to encourage them to be a part of the process. If they feel like they are contributing to the move, it will be easier for them. They will feel like they are part of the team, which works towards the same goal. You should have a family meeting and try to explain everything. You should also divide the work among each family member. It will give you time and space you need to pack kid’s room.

Packing supplies (pack kid’s room in a safe manner)

Getting proper packing supplies will make your kids enjoy the move. After they get into the moving mindset, the only thing left to do (besides the actual work) is to make the whole process fun. Get colorful boxes and colorful stickers. Let your kids pack their own rooms, with only your guiding hand. If they do the packing themselves they will feel better because they are contributing. If you buy stickers and other colorful packing materials, the process will be more fun, but you will also be more organized and you can follow your inventory list. This will make everything seem like a breeze.

Take the colorful stickers and divide the colors by room. For example, your kid’s room should have one color, and your bedroom should have another. This way the organization will be much easier. Use this technique for every room in your house. This will help not only yourself but also the moving company. If you need reliable long distance movers Tennessee be sure to check out this link. They will help you with the moving process immensely.

Packing essentials

You should pack your essentials in a separate box. If you have a lot of essentials per each family member, then everyone should have one box each. This will prevent issues such as you kids wanting to play with that one favorite toy, or wear their favorite clothes. By having a box of essentials, you will avoid having to dig through bigger boxes trying to find one t-shirt or toy.

Age of the children

The packing process is different depending on the age of your children. This is because age limits them to actively participate in the packing of their belongings. If your child is 5 years old, then you should do everything that requires physical effort. Try to explain to your kid that you need to throw, or donate some of the stuff away. When you do this the packing will be easier because there will be fewer things to pack.

If your kids are a bit older, from 5 to 10, then you should give them the freedom to pack themselves. Give them separate boxes for keeping and donating. This will encourage them to be responsible and will be good practice to get your kid to rely on their abilities. They will still probably need help and do not hesitate to do so.

If your kids are older than 10, that means that they are probably in their teens, and will be very reluctant to accept your help. You should let them organize their own packing process how they desire. This is very important because kids of this age can be sensitive, and react with more effect. That is why you need to have their own freedom, and pack their room themselves, with occasional check-ups. And that is how you pack kid’s room with some help.

Getting rid of extra stuff

This will greatly benefit you because you will have fewer things to pack, and the move will cost less. There are even ways to get rid of stuff and earn money in the process. The first thing that comes to mind when you want to get rid of something, is to donate or sell it. Selling it is a far more profitable option. This can be done by organizing a garage sale. A good garage sale can make packing your kid’s room a lot easier.

When you have divided the items into keep and donate boxes, see if anything from the donation boxes can be sold. If you have an abundance of items, it is a good idea to sell them. To organize a good garage sale, you need to have an inventory of everything you are selling, advertise the sale correctly, and be flexible on the prices. Not being flexible on the prices can make you sell a lot less items than you first intended. And remember, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure. Use this to your advantage!

Two packers - pack kid's room with care.

It is time for you to pack kid’s room!

Now, get to packing! Take the toys, and see if you kept some of the original boxes. This will prevent any damage being done to them. If not, divide them by size or fragility. Use a lot of packing paper and tape, and do not hesitate to wrap everything in cloth. You can even secure boxes with Styrofoam, or pieces of cloth. When the boxes are sturdy, the damage probability is at a low point. You can also use foam peanuts, which are little pieces of foam that are used to secure items while packing. They are put in the boxes and fill all the empty spaces, creating some breathing room for the item in the box.

With these tips, you will make the moving process a walk in the park, and you will pack kid’s room with ease!


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