December 24, 2018

Holiday home decor tips

A figurine of Santa is part of a holidays home decor.

The happiest and the most festive time of the year is finally here! Christmas holidays are something the entire family can enjoy while using the opportunity to bond with each other. But what is it that makes Christmas so special, do you ever wonder? Besides its meaning, this holiday is so unique because of its decorations. Entire towns lit up during December, making the atmosphere that much more special. And if you are moving to Nashville, you will definitely get to experience Christmas in all its glory. That is because of Nashville’s residents, who are experts in holiday home decor, and know how to stage their homes so that they become the envy of the neighborhood.

What is Christmas without sparkles?

Have you ever seen a house during Christmas that didn’t have at least one ornament with sparkles on it? We are pretty sure you haven’t! Be it in the form of twinkling lights, vases decorated with sparkles or Christmas ornaments, everything glitters during this time of the year. As Nashville movers based in this amazing city, we can vouch that you will be in awe after seeing this city’s Christmas decor. So take a page out of experts’ book, and make your entire house sparkle. Just imagine how amazing it will look during nightfall, when you are sitting by the cozy fire with a cup of hot chocolate in your hand, watching the subtle glow of the sparkles all around you. What could be more relaxing than that?
A person sitting next to a fireplace and a cup of coffee next to their legs.

Feel the holidays in the air

Or more precisely, smell them! Our senses help us experience the world much better, and you definitely want to experience the Christmas holidays as much as possible. And for the best experience, you should use scents. There are a couple of ways to bring the holiday scent in your home.

  • Use candles, which will not only smell nice but also look amazing. And, as you already know, candles are a staple of holiday home decor, so you can’t go wrong with placing them in your home.
  • In case you want a scent that will last longer than a candle, you should use reed diffusers. You can refill them, and the best thing is that you can choose between a wide variety of scents.
  • If all else fails, you can always make your own scent by using different spaces. This is the best option for those of you who like to be creative and add a personal touch to everything you do.

Reconnect with nature

If someone were to ask you which color is the most representative one of Christmas, you would think hard before opting for either red or green. Red represents everyone’s favorite Santa Claus, and green stands for the Christmas tree. But the tree shouldn’t be the only green and leafy thing you have in your home. From branches you adorn with lights and place strategically around your home to flowers you put in vases, whichever form of nature you decide to introduce to your home, it will certainly add to the festive atmosphere.
White surface adorned with a Christmas wreath.
Let us give you one good and nature-loving holiday home decor idea – use wreaths. Whether you decide to buy them or make them in the good old DIY style, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that you have so much of them, that you end up needing packing services to pack them all up once the holidays pass. That will be a good sign your house was the most beautiful one in the neighborhood. 

Holiday home decor cannot exist without an adorned mantel

If you have a fireplace in your home, we can imagine that it is the focus piece of the entire room. So, once Christmas time rolls around, you should give special attention to your mantel. Whether you decide to be extravagant and decorate it with ornaments, vases, lights etc. or be modest and just put up a few Christmas stockings, it is up to your taste. What matters is that you decorate your mantel so that it helps you feel the Christmas spirit and celebrate with your family.
A word of advice: you can never go wrong with natural elements. A few decorated branches and some candles will instantly transform your mantel into something dreams are made out of.

Indulge your palate

Christmas is much more than the decorations you use and the scents you can smell. It’s also what you and your family feast on all throughout the holidays, not just on the Christmas Eve and the Christmas day. Even if you are not a top chef who can make the most complicated dishes, it doesn’t mean you can’t eat some good food. We are sure you can make Christmas cookies in Santa and tree shapes, can’t you? You can make eggnog to drink in cold winter nights, perhaps while having your closest friends and family over. On that note, putting together a bar wouldn’t be bad. Just make sure it stays secured if you have young children.
Christmas cookies.

Enjoy your holidays!

Winter holidays the perfect time to start over. Whether you decide to get a new job or to improve your house in the New Year, now is the right time to make a New Year resolution. But try to stick to this one, even though we know it is hard and it’s easier said than done. And once you put up all your holiday home decor on display, it’s time to marvel at your creation. Of course, everything is better in good company, so enjoy the time you spend with your friends and family. Happy holidays, and know that Move On Relocation Nashville wishes you a Merry Christmas and a happy New Year. 


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