November 19, 2018

Best live music events in Nashville


Looking for the best live music events in Nashville? Well, welcome aboard. Here you’ll definitely find what you need. From Johnny Cash to the Eagles. If you are thinking about moving to Nashville, this is an excellent opportunity to check what you can find there, when it comes to music. We know that moving preparations are exhausting. You need to choose that moving company that can answer your requests, one like Move On – Nashville Movers. Then, you need to think about packing, when to move, etc. Besides the moving part, we want to present you some of the awesome locations where you can enjoy music in Nashville. So, take some coffee and check where you can have some quality fun in Nashville.

The Grand Ole Opry House offers one of the best live music events in Nashville

If long distance relocation to Nashville is what you want, you need to know about The Show That Made Country Music Famous. Yes, The Grand Ole Opry. Even though it is the spot for country music, a lot of other artists of different genres performed here. Jimi Hendrix cut his teeth here while performing. Elvis Presley had an act as well but didn’t get hired. If you fancy country music, this is the number one music event that you need to visit in Nashville. It started as a radio broadcast, and now it is one of the most famous live music events in Nashville. Having in mind that it started in 1925, the place is also home of the longest running live broadcast in the history of the United States of America.


What is good about the Grand Ole Opry is that even kids can come. So, the show is not age limited. Steve Martin did some stand-up comedy here. Alice Cooper once closed the show. Back in the day, even Etta James performed here. Her shows in the famous Jefferson Street are not the only ones to be seen. B.B.King and Ray Charles were also some of the performers. The Grand Ole Opry has a lot to offer, as you can see. From R’n’B, jazz, blues to Dolly Parton. They don’t call it the Music City for no reason. When you move to Nashville, this will be your weekend plan, among others. If, on the other hand, you would like to feel the lights on that stage, it is possible. Legends do perform here, but new, unrevealed talents perform as well. Check the Grand Ole Opry.

Ryman Auditorium – the history of best live music events in Nashville

If you have made up your mind regarding long distance movers, contact them and ask for a moving estimate. Then cross the next thing on your list – Ryman Auditorium. Actually, the Grand Ole Opry show was once held here in the Ryman Auditorium. Before the show was moved several times, this was its central spot. Even now, some performances are taking place here. From bluegrass, pop, musical theatre, to Anita Baker who performed here during her farewell tour this July. Critics praise Ryman’s acoustics which is perfect here. So, if you are up for some music adventure, check this iconic spot. You never know what you can find here and who is going to perform. Did we mention that this was the place of Country Music Association Awards?

One of the best live music events in Nashville

Yes, the country influence is strong here, but many do not know that this place was once a church. That is why it has the nickname of The Mother Church of Country Music. Take some time to plan what you want to visit, check (if possible) who the guests are. Moving should be fun, also. Do not worry about every single thing that you need to do. It can only mess you up. Come here and check the vibe, maybe you will like the Bluegrass nights in the summer. If you’re lucky, you can take a picture of Foo Fighters.

The list of best live music events in Nashville continues. Besides the legendary places, you can find some bars where you can perform as well, some like Douglas Corner Café.

Douglas Corner Café

In Douglas Corner Café, Tuesdays are open mic nights. If you are a singer/songwriter or want to hear the best that Nashville has to offer, come here. One should know that the place if preferable for adults. If you want to feel the local music atmosphere and you do not like venues that are too big, this is for you. You don’t have to buy the tickets, just pop up and enjoy the ride. Yes, local artists gather here, but you may end up listening to Bon Jovi. They once performed here leaving the place with a rock and roll vibe. That is the charm that Nashville has, wherever you go, something’s going to happen. That is why we want to give you some tips for checking out some of the best live music events in Nashville, like this one. You already know the tips for moving to Tennessee trouble-free.

Feel the local vibe

One more café that you must check out is The Bluebird Café. The café set some performing standards when it comes to café music rituals. The point is that four musicians sit in a circle in the middle of the club and perform. They talk about music and sometimes play together. The place only has 90 seats which are sold out quickly. You need to book in advance since it’s always crowded. Some say that this is the place where Taylor Swift started.

Of course, this is just a small portion of the best live music events in Nashville. Once you move here, you will have plenty of time to find that perfect bar. Don’t forget to check 12th and Porter, too. The word on the street is that it is the best live music venue in the entire nation. Embrace everything Nashville has to offer.


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